International Defense Pistol Association

Co to jest IDPA?

IDPA is the practice of dynamic shooting on a sports level. It involves safely handling a firearm, shooting at targets from 5m to 30m, shooting from static positions, moving from location to location, shooting from awkward positions, shooting while moving, shooting with your strong arm, shooting with your weak arm, using various techniques and following the courses of fire (CoF) which are mandated.


1. Promote safe and proficient use of guns and equipment.
2. Offer a practical shooting sport that allows the competitors to concentrate on the – development of shooting skills – fellowship with other like-minded team members. 3. Test the skill and ability of the individual, not their equipment or gamesmanship using practical and realistic courses of fire. 4. Provide a level playing field for all competitors by providing separate divisions for equipment and classifications for shooters, such that guns with similar characteristics are grouped together and people with similar skills compete only against each other. 5. Offer a practical shooting sport that is responsive to the competitors, with stability of equipment rules.

Safety !!!

The Four Basic Rules of Gun Safety All guns are always loaded Keep the muzzle away from anything you are not willing to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. Identify your target and what is behind it. Also Only use the designated areas to uncase / unholster your firearm / load and unload. Keep your gun in your holster at all times. Only ever remove it when the safety officer says. Understand the 180 degree plane.


A semi-automatic pistol, double action revolver, or pistol caliber carbine revolver Strong-side hip holster, possibly paddle type Sturdy belt, fitting the holster and magazine holder slots securely Ammunition carriers (magazine pouches) Magazines (min. 4 recommended for competitions), speedloaders or moonclips Magazine Pouches (min. 2) Eye protection Ear protection Ammunition suitable for your firearm (must meet the IDPA minimum power factor depending on the division you’re shooting) Cover garment (Vest, jacket, coat, long shirt etc.) Range bag to carry all the nice gear you have Spares in case you travel to the competition and something breaks (mags, pouches) Clothing that does not impede drawing/holstering and mag changes Equipment must meet the detailed division requirements mentioned in the latest IDPA Rule Book.

IDPA Matches

IDPA matches offer diversity and truly test both accuracy and speed. Physical condition has very little to do with your performance in an IDPA match. ​Members of IDPA are classified as to skill level and placed in a division according to the kind of gun they shoot. When you shoot a match, your performance will be judged only against those in the same division who hold the same classification.

Jak zacząć?


Zapisz się do IDPA i uzyskaj swój indywidualny numer. Członkostwo kosztuje 40 USD rocznie.


Znajdź Klub, z którym możesz strzelać IDPA. W Polsce istnieją obecnie 4 kluby.


Odbądź kurs strzelania w tej formule. Niezależnie czy strzelasz dynamicznie w innych formułach czy to dopiero początek Twojej przygody; zalecamy przejść kurs strzelań IDPA. Organizujemy go 4 razy do roku; terminy znajdziesz w kalendarzu. Dowiesz się wszystkiego o zasadach i potrzebnym wyposażeniu.

Test klasyfikacyjny

Przejdź test klasyfikacyjny, będziesz go potrzebować żeby brać udział w oficjalnych zawodach IDPA poziomu II i wyższych. Możesz go odbyć w dowolnym klubie u dowolnego zarejestrowanego Safety Officera lub podczas zorganizowanych testów klasyfikacyjnych.